Advanced Aspect Imaging Services

Advanced Aspect Imaging Services

About Us:

Welcome to my website.

I’m Darren the founder of AAIS and I’m based just on the outskirts of Lincoln, UK.

Prior to embarking into my Imaging business professionally, I was an engineer working firstly on fast Jets and then in the Oil and gas business.  

Fast paced & high standards is all I have ever known in my working life and whilst not being prepared to drop the high standards I felt the need to slow the pace up, just a little.

I have passion, enthusiasm and obsession about my photography & videography, so if you are looking for a caring photographer that only knows high standards of work, then you’ve come to the right place.

I provide a wide range of services and I am willing to travel to any location, worldwide, to input my creative flair.

At AAIS we have the ability to undertake pretty much anything to do with Photography & Videography, but you can be rest assured that if we can’t manage it for whatever reason, we have a great network of professionals behind us willing to help.  

Make AAIS your one call solution.

Customer requirements are a top priority for me, so please make contact and we can discuss your requirements personally.

Darren A.